Fall Photography for Student Artists 2021

The goal of the class is to have fun making art, hanging out with other Student Artists and walking away some inspiring imagery from this period of their life.

Student Artists will bring in photographs (previous work welcome as long as mixed with new work), have their screens on and be supported and supportive of the other Student Artists. It promises to be an enjoyable time.

This class is for Teens and open to Tweens. All artistic mediums welcome with a default of Photography. No experience necessary. All cameras welcome. Class size is small 6-9 students.

The class will meet Mondays and the time may change from 1:00 Pacific, 4:00 Eastern to 4:30 pacific and 7:30 Pacific to help more students join. The class will meet for an hour and a half and the cost is $175 per student. Please reach out if you have scheduling thoughts, more information and for financial assistance.

By sharing their art work, Artist Students will grow creatively in their personal visual imagery as well as their ability to be supportive creative partners with other artists/ students.

1.) participants will screen share a photo or two as a way of connecting with other students and checking in and saying hello..

2.) I will present the work of Photographers so that we all have a jumping off point to build a common language. We will begin with a mix of portraiture and nature photography and from there -meet the classes interests each week for approximately 1/3 of the class time.

In community the biggest gift is learning from eachother.

3.) Then after a brief break, participants will share their own work as well as give receive feedback and encouragement.

This is a safe and respectful, collaborative space : D

I am around before and after classes and happy to schedule office hours if anyone can not make those!